Robin Rose is an author and spiritual guardian. She is a scribe for Mother Mary and works with the Holy Spirit and the Brotherhood of Light to share the teachings of Christ and the original Truth teachings that enforce our true identity as the children of God.

Robin has had visitation and interaction with Mary and Christ Jesus since childhood but has for most of her life only shared their messages with those close to her. "No longer must you hide child" was the message given her in 2011 and since then she has continued to write and share messages along with leading Sacred Sites journeys, and lecturing.

Master Jesus: the Divine Master and Christ.

Mother Mary: the mother of Grace whom watches over mankind and offer compassion and support through the thoughts of speration from the Divine Father.

Holy Spirit/Brotherhood of Light

"Know the Truth and the Truth will make you free!" The Truth is "all that God is I Am", "All that God has is mine, and All that God does I can do." By knowing and living this Truth we all are made free and Heaven becomes our natural state of being.

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