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                                                                      What Would Love Do?
                                                                  This question was presented by the Minister at my church today. It is based on his                                                                     questioning is he doing enough for those in need in the world.  I listened to him                                                                           talk  about how people say "we need to pray more" and how he felt disappointed in                                                                   that answer because there is so much more we can do. I though a lot about it and                                                                         this is how I handle what I believe his question was.

I think about what Jesus and how despite all appearances he recognized the truth, that everyone he encountered is “one with/in God.” Even though people believed they were hurting or lacking he stood in the knowing that that cannot be true in the heaven state. When he raised Lazarus from the dead he only said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I know that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me.” We know there is no separation, death, sickness, or lack and in God, but here, that gets a bit confusing to me, and all of us because inside we know that to be true, but appearances often fool us.

I work with the so called “needy” and it has become easier and easier not to see their “neediness” when I can remember that they are my brothers and sisters asking me to see them as whole, as the Christ they are. I do struggle, but I also feel a sense of gratitude because as weird as it may sound, they are coming to me asking me to change my mind, change my consciousness so that together we may reap the benefits of the goodness of who we are as Gods children/image and likeness. So, when these situations come upon me, I seek the Kingdom first in prayer as God said, and then I do my best to claim the Christ in my brethren and myself, and then I wait for the guidance from Spirit to know what form I AM supposed to take. Sometimes it is only recognizing the Christ in each of us, and at others it into offering help on some physical level.

I am thankful to the minister for offering this question as it helped me to look within and ask myself, am I listening to Spirit, am I doing all I can to meet the requests of my brothers and sisters, and am I offering my gratitude for the opportunity to serve.

 Our Own Personal Brotherhood

   Back in my last post I was talking about the Ascended Masters, The Great White Brotherhood and the Brotherhood of Light and sharing how Mary was telling me I will be working more closely with them. A few weeks ago I was walking my dogs (which is also conversation time for Mary and I) and I said something to Her about working with the Brotherhood of Light and she stopped me by clarifying not “THE” Brotherhood of Light but “A” Brotherhood of Light. Recognizing my confusion, she continued by explaining “what I was saying is A Brotherhood of Light, your Brotherhood.” Going on she said “Each soul had their own brotherhood who assist them in their journey here in this place. For you child, you have myself, and my son (Master Jesus) as your main guides and 10 other beings as the remainder. Some of these have been revealed to you already or at least you have a feeling of who they are. You may call upon them to assist you when you feel the need otherwise they are there and will wait for your call. This is a part of the reason you do not fell alone. Furthermore, they are here to impart the wisdom and attributes of Christhood that God has imbued in them, to you. These are very defined and life affirming attributes in which your soul is designed to accept and share on this journey.”

In my mind I had an image of a computer waiting to download the programs that are needed to do its particular job. As for having these beings with me all my life, one thing that is true, is I don’t remember ever feeling alone even though I have been physically alone for quite some time. I enjoy solitude but, I am never alone. This conversation also helped me to understand some little things that happen in my life, like my years, and I mean years of finding dimes. Sounds weird I know, but I have had this thing about always finding dimes. I had a huge jar in the 90’s full of dimes and finally I spent them. Thinking on it, I realized how I knew Jesus and Mary were always there, but then to think that I had a particular group of 10 other beings out there trying to get my attention was something I had to wrap my thoughts around. I have been a firm believer that you go straight to the big wigs so I didn’t give a whole lot of attention to others beings although, I recognized their value to my friends and clients who used them. Now. I am having to change my mind and be open to those beings sent to me, to fulfill my journey as a child of God. Life is continually unfolding isn’t it?

One change so far is that when I find dimes I am asking my Brotherhood to reveal to me what I need to know at that moment. It is really amazing how being open to these beings I have gotten more insights about life and the personal journey we all embark on when coming to this place. The few beings that have revealed themselves to me are offering me strength in stressful times, and insights as to how to be of value and assistance to the Oneship of God, and that is awesome. Ironically, I recently had a conversation with my dear friend Angela Sorenson about creating a course that teaches people to connect to their own personal guides which, we had put into motion prior to my conversation with Mary. Therefore, I asked Mary if she would give me/us direction so that we could offer to others some guidance as to how to connect to their Brotherhood and of course she said she would. So, for now we will listen, meditate and pray on what she would like us to share and get that information out as soon as we can.
In grace, Robin

Introduction to the Brotherhood 

In August (2015) I was doing some prayer and Mother Mary began to talk to me. She told me that I was going to be working with the “Brotherhood of Light” and I said ok, as I usually do but, my next question was “who are they?” What is most important to me, and I feel in many ways is important about my spiritual path is that I don’t know a lot about the world. I love God and I pray, meditate and read things that speak to the love of God but not things like, the Brotherhood of Light, the Ascended Masters, or the Great White Brotherhood. I like surrounding myself with the Truth of who we are as Gods children and focus on beings, seeing and supporting the Christ in all of us. So when I am asked to work with groups such as these my only question is why? I don’t know them, I have no real understanding of who they are and what they do so how can I work with them?

Mary said “Have faith. You are simply a mouth piece for them the same as you have been for me and the Master (Jesus).” So I will step out, and do that which is asked of me in spite of the fact that I feel a little scared. People may laugh at me, or scoff at what I say and I guess that is a part of the path of divine deliverance, and I must learn to not take those things personally. I am here to serve, and I have made the commitment to do just that. So today I AM saying yes to the Mother, yes to the Son (Christ) and most of all yes to my God, to be all He request I be and to share all He request I share.

Now I ask of all you who are drawn to this page, “be here with an open heart and an open mind, knowing that God only wants us to remember who we are as His children. Divine, infinite, whole, loving and in the end remembered as the Christ.”

In grace, Robin